Thanks to Debrarch for her amazing training programme, when i first started i found her site and have used it ever since so my training methods are the same, there fore i thought it silly to write the whole thing out in my own words so i have put her training programme up with little bits of my own added in, this only applies to the first two boxes, the rest is what i wrote out from what i do based on her programme, thanks :D

What is Bluping?

BLUP = Best Linear Unbias Prediction,

BLUP is a measurement of your horse's skill level and achivements. The higher your BLUP is, the more GP and inborn skills gets passed onto the next generation. If you have two 100 BLUP horses, then the inborn skills will be about 70. If you have two horses with about 50 BLUP, they foal will have about 30 inborn skills. If both horses have a negative BLUP, no skills will be passed on to the foal. When trying to breed a howrse with a new highest set of stars e.g. for arabs have to 18* parents and want a 19* it is a good idea to use tears on the mother (with 100 BLUP) and make sure the father has 100 BLUP also, this will mean on average they get around 100 more skills, you need around 180 - 200 IBS to get another star then age until your foal has completes the games, then you can check to see how many stars, hopefully it will be more than the parents! When your working out the GP of a foal and the horses aren't fully BLUP'ed, there is a higher chance of the GP being four points less than expected.

So how do i do it?

Your horse needs to gain 200 points to get full BLUP;
from -100 to +100
Your Horse Gains;
20 % of BLUP is gained each day up to the age of 10 = 40 points
65 % for all rides and training done in top 3 skills = 130 points
15 % for 20 victories = 30 points
= 200 points
Training in skills that are not the horse's top three don't gain BLUP, lessons don't help both but gains skills. After you have BLUPED your horse he will have about 630 skills
So rounded up, your horse needs to compleate training in your horses top 3 skills, he/she needs to finish rides (when your horse stops gaining skills from them is when they are finished), win 20 competitions and be over 10.
To find out your howrses top 3 skills CLICK HERE
 and click on the howrses breed and where it says skills the top 3 are the ones that have the largest amount of stars or percentage.

Foal Games

For the foal games all you need to do is give the howrse a turnip and train until 10% energy, then stroke, then groom, then water, then salt stone, then feed, if you have more than 20% energy left over use it but make sure you do not leave your howrse with less than 20% energy before bedding them down.
After Complting foal games you can now train your howrse, to get the most skills possible from your howrse follow this order and sequence:
Trot Rides

Groom > Salt Stone > Carrot ( x2 if you have a rabbit) > 1 hour  SHORT trot ride x3 > 4 hours box > 2 hours meadow (again be careful here) > Water > Stroke > Feed as needed > 30 mins SHORT trot ride > turnip > Bed down

Galloping Rides

Groom > salt stone > carrot (x2 if have Rabbit) >5 hours long gallop ride > 3 hours box > 1 hour meadow > stoke > water > feed as needed > 30 mins SHORT gallop ride (depends on howrses energy, if this will take down to less than 10% ignore this step and the next) > Turnip

Steep Slope Rides

Repeat Galloping rides step but instead of gallop use step slope


After completing your howrses rides until you can't get any more skills you can now train your howrse, to get the most skills possible from your howrse follow this order:
To actually train your howrse follow this order: 
Salt stone > Groom > Carrot (x2 if you have a rabbit) > Training until 0% energy or cant train any more with out adding energy with items >3 hours box > 2 hours meadow (be cautious if it is winter and the meadows are in bad conditions as the howrse might get mud fever) > Feed what has not already been > Water > Stroke > Training until NO LESS THAN 10% ENERGY > Turnip > Bed down 

Only enter comps with 55% difficulty and LESS when your Bluping your horse unless you're entering speed races! At the moment these comps are just for the skills and bolding skills so use this scedual for the skill comps. There is no need to enter barrel races you can do them when your getting wins but for now they don't help the skills.

Note: you don't have to win these comps you get the skills for entering.
you can do 6 x-counry comps a day
you can do 8 show jumping comps a day and
you can do 3-5 speed races a day


Salt stone > Groom > Carrot (x2 if have a rabbit) > Cross Country Comps x5 > 30 mins box > 30 mins meadow > Water > Feed as needed > Cross Country Comps x 1 > Turnip > Bed

Show Jumping Comps

Salt stone > Groom > Carrot (x2 if have a rabbit) > Show Jumping Comp x7 > 30 mins box > 30 mins meadow > Water > Feed as needed > Show Jumping Comp x1 > Turnip > Bed

Salt stone > Groom > Carrot (x2 if have a rabbit) > Speed races x 3-5 > 30 mins box > 30 mins meadow > Water > Feed as needed > Turnip

you probbally need to spend 4 months on each comp but im not too sure but move onto the next comp when you don't get any more skills from the one your doing or when a new skill is bolded, if you win thats a bonus. Your horse now has most of his skills, he should have about 45 blup+ and be about 7-8 years old, and have about 300- 400 skills. 5 of your skills should be bolded now.


You now need to enter lots of x-counry comps to get 20 wins i would enter about 30 at a time, you can enter a few speed races, barrel races and show jumping aswell but best to magoritise in cross country. Follow this scedual for entering as many comps as you can.

Salt stone > Groom > Carrot (x2 if you have a rabbit) > As many comps you can fit in until 0% energy > 30 mins box > 30 mins meadow > Water > Feed as needed > More comps until no less than 10% energy > Turnip > Bed

So were it say to enter comps i would enter cross country as i said before but as a day off or something enter some show jumping comps for a change. ONLY ENTER COMPS THAT ARE UNDER 55% DIFFICULTY EVEN IF THERES NO HORSES IN THE COMP YET. So once you have entered about 30 comps go and do something else for an hour then come back and see how many wins you have you should have won about 10-15, you don't want to enter too many hence the wait. Then enter another 15-20 comps if, unless you won 20. You win about 10 every 20 comps ish. Once you have won ANY 20 comps you must now go and train in stamina using the scedual for training above.
you should now have 100blup if not it will change on the next day for your horse (so if you age it will change) and now all your horses skills should be bolded.

You can now do what you want with your horse. It should be about 10 years old, 12 max depending on how the comps went. If you did lessons inbetween it would be older unless you use water of youth then it would be 10 or younger. When your horse is blupped alway's do 2 lessons a day and use a poc to do more lessons which by your horse is 30 it should have 700+skills.

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